Friday, 27 February 2009

Social services and cough!

I have started with a cough and i am breathless when i move around. I was doing so well but i guess this is the story of asthma. I am really really tired today. Been to town to get a few bits on the scooter but didnt stay out long as it is very cold out!

I have finally received my community care assessment today, i am not to receive any help from social services because i have only got asthma and it isnt in the class of receieving support. Very annoying but i guess this means i shall have to continue and find my own ways to cope with life.

I have at least been accepted for DLA higher mobility and middle care after a fight. I would not be able to get out and about without my car or being able to use a mobility scooter. I can use a wheelchair when i have help with it but i cannot push my self in it especially not on days like today when i am breathless before i even start moving.

I am off to sort out my box of important documents it is in a mess and i have loads of paper work to file away as it is correctly sat in a pile on my desk chair and growing daily. Just wondering how out of breath i shall end up, i am hoping i wont go dizzy but i am guessing i will. Asthma!

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