Friday, 6 February 2009

Scary but funny snow experience

I was driving my friend home when all of a sudden there was a crunching noise and suddenly snow came down covering all of my windscreen i could not see a thing! I stopped the car and put on my hazzards while me and my friend laughed and laughed and laughed. Suddenly a very sharp pain, cramp like in my chest and it was getting worse the more i laughed it started to affect my breathing. Take deep breaths shot in to my mind, calm your breathing, try to stop laughing. After a few seconds the pain started to ease. My friend suggested she got out of the car to clear the windscreen and we both laughed again. The cramp came back panic set in, i got out of my car and stretched and i felt relief once more. I concentrated of taking deep breaths and trying not to laugh. Now when you want to laugh and are trying not to you know how hard that is! Thankfully i managed to calm myself and stop laughing, my windscreen was cleared and we could set off again.

As an asthmatic it is amazing how dangerous laughing can be, it can trigger an asthma attack off because it irrates and drys your airways which can cause tightness. It is unfair that something so simple like laughing can give you an attack. Thankfully this time using all my techniques i knew (stretches, deep breathing) i was able to prevent an attack and get safely on my way once more.

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Kate Moss said...

That happened to me on Tuesday, I set off with a large snow drift on the roof of the car and when I got to a mini roundabout the whole lot sledged down the windscreen! Mum & laughed! Fortunately wipers cleared it all away in a minute... people passing were laughing too!