Thursday, 12 February 2009

New Patient Medical

OK, so today was my new patient medical at my new doctors.

Went in, did weight, height, BP, PF and all that rubbish. Somehow she already has my notes from old GP, so she knows my history. Apparently a PF of 300 wasn't acceptable. Now, see this is where I disagree. This is normal for me now. As much as my room-mate will disagree with this statement, I'm fine. We talked about different approaches to take, and it has been decided I'm going to see the GP tomorrow. This should be interesting. It takes me a long time to trust a GP, after I got a rather rubbish one a few years back, and then another one who can't tell her arse from her elbow. Hmm.... How long will it take this time?

So watch this space, I could be trialling some new wonder drug that cures everything. I'm thinking of asking for Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin...


rattles said...

That clip is absolutly fantastic and has made me laugh sooooo much I am now a tad wheezy lol!!!!


Love rattles Xxx

Emzieness said...


I'm glad she's going to the doctors. I'm lacking sleep. *cough cough cough*


Emzie x

rattles said...

haha poor you! She keeping you up then hey? :-) Xxx