Saturday, 5 June 2010

June At last

Hi people,

Sorry i have been so bad at posting. Lots of happened. I would like to say i once again have a normal spirometery in June :D
I am still on 5mg of prednisolone a day but it is holding my asthma. I am only having one or two attacks a week. So this is a huge improvement!
I am now walking short slow distances this makes me very happy. I seem to be coping ok with the current hayfever season, i keep losing my voice but apart from that I am doing well. I am now managing to play 3 short flute pieces a day.
I have got myself a regular routine all be it quite slow i am coping quite well. Today sees the arrival of a bench for the garden so i can sit out and read.

Will try and post soon

Monday, 11 January 2010

Odd things

I'm noticing in this so very cold winter, some odd things are catching me out. Opening the fridge just to get out the milk for a cuppa last night tightened the chest. Yet tonight its ok. Putting down to the incredible outside temperature in which I walked up to the shops, two days in a row. Minus 11 degrees centigrade, no matter how you hap up warm with Buff in place over mouth and nose - I know the Buff works cos my glasses get so steamed up with breathed out warmed air that I can't see where I'm going? - Today the outside temperature was a balmy 4+ degrees centigrade and I could open the fridge with no bother to lungs.

I'd thought the first year with asthma, a long learning curve. I'm now realising its the first years.