Sunday, 1 February 2009

Plumie - 01/02/2009

Did way too much yesterday and paid for it in the night, by having a lovely attack, if it can be called lovely?! Sat in bed struggling to breathe taking my reliever every minute until my symptoms decreased and finally disappeared just leaving me tired. Not something you want to be doing really at 2am. Would much rather sleep through this time!

Yesterday i went looking a new cars and testing driving some. I have chosen the car i would like and it is on order as it needs adaptations fitting to make it suitable to me. Hopefully it will mean i have a more reliable car and that it will be more user friendly too me. Like i wont get stuck trying to get out of it, i wont have to twist as much to see and i wont have to lift my own wheelchair out a special host will do it for me. (lifting a wheelchair is not good for lungs).

Yesterday, i was asked why i could walk around the house but could not walk around shopping centres or my church building. It has something to do with the size i believe and also how my chest is feeling on that particular day. It is very frustrating that people actually ask you why you use a wheelchair? When they think that as an asthmatic you should still be able to run around and do sports. My asthma really limits me and I find that I still cannot walk to the end of the street and back without having an asthma attack and feeling ill for the next few days following my little walk. Also my sats drop incredibly. I personally do not like having to use a wheelchair as i used to be so physically active playing sports and doing lots of walking but if i want to prevent asthma attacks and spend some time out of the house i have very little choice.
It is quite hurtful when people look at you and ask are you a fake? Deep down i really wish i did not need a wheelchair and that i could walk long distances and play sports but due to the many attacks and infections i have had in the last 2 years i need to take it really slowly and follow my medical professionals advice. I guess it is the things you need to do to avoid lots of hospital admissions.
I am finally back on my maintance dose of prednisolone hoping that I will be able to stay at this for a while and maybe even come off it without a big flare up. When you have severe asthma it is the little achievements that are so big to that individual. Please do not judge people by what they cannot do, but by what they can do. People pointing out what someone cannot do due to the asthma is really not helpful and actually quite hurtful.

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