Monday, 9 February 2009

About Elephant2001/Vicky

OK, Well I suppose the right way to start this thing would be to say Hi! I'm Vicky, although I answer to Ickybob, Vicky, Icky Irish and Nutter. I'm 17, and have just moved from Ireland to Leicester. I live with my best mate and her family. 2 Asthmatics in one room. It makes for fun times.

I've got moderate asthma, and am quite lucky that it doesn't affect me that much. I'm having a bit of a rough patch at the minute, but I'm blaming it on the weather and stress. I've had asthma for about 3 years. I'm a bit of a nightmare when it comes to being co-operative, and tell my room-mate to bog off when she tells me to take my inhaler. Generally out of sheer stubborness. But other times I'm just being stupid.

When I lived in Ireland I lived with my mum, stepdad, little brother and our dog, that 2 weeks before I left had 4 puppies. I've met some awesome people through Asthma UK, without asthma, I wouldn't have met them.

I'm very lucky to have the mates I do!

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Emzieness said...

She's my room mate. And she's a complete PITA!!!