Monday, 11 January 2010

Odd things

I'm noticing in this so very cold winter, some odd things are catching me out. Opening the fridge just to get out the milk for a cuppa last night tightened the chest. Yet tonight its ok. Putting down to the incredible outside temperature in which I walked up to the shops, two days in a row. Minus 11 degrees centigrade, no matter how you hap up warm with Buff in place over mouth and nose - I know the Buff works cos my glasses get so steamed up with breathed out warmed air that I can't see where I'm going? - Today the outside temperature was a balmy 4+ degrees centigrade and I could open the fridge with no bother to lungs.

I'd thought the first year with asthma, a long learning curve. I'm now realising its the first years.