Thursday, 27 August 2009

What a summer!

Wow! Nearly into September already sorry i haven't posted for so long. So much has happened but the most important thing to say is I have only had one big blip and that i stayed at home(campsite) i didnt need hospital treatment! Woop Woop
Yes i have had days where walking any distance had me coughing and very out of breath but i have had no hospital admissions.
Over the summer i have had 3 germans come and stay at my house, there was a group of them come to my church and we took them on day visits four days in a row, my mobility scooter came in useful else i would never have been able to keep up. It even worked on cross country.
I have been on two camping trips they went quite well, i only had a few hiccups with distances from various places like toilets or shower from my tent and also got a little flooded by rain.
My asthma did get grumpy with the wet but all was good i battle forth.
At the moment i am doing a work placement at my local hospital it involves putting letters in envelopes and putting information on to a database. At times it is quite dull but it is certainly good to be getting out of the house. So there are pros in there.

Unfortunately the Autumn is coming the leaves are changing colour and i am starting to feel it in my lungs they are starting to play up and i am getting symptoms more often. EEK! Off to see my friendly and extremley good consultant tomorrow and my Gp has sent a letter to a immunologist for allergy advice, all i did was ask and he said yes he would try, what more can one ask?! I was completely amazed and stunned! Anyways hope people are doing ok, i am off to rest!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Dust and dirt

At long last, the buiding work has started on our new all singing, all dancing Health Centre. Progressing on site behind our garden fence, looking good so far. Lorries lined up cheek to jowl like on the Herbie films when the baddie wants to knock a little old ladies house down.

So far all they seem to have done is move earth from front to back of the site.

And that's where the problem lies for me. Earthy dust gives me tight chest and feeling I cannot swallow. Came across this trigger, when out in the garden over the summer watching my husband sweep up the dust on the paving slabs.

I'm keeping windows shut and sitting in front part of house whenever possible. Strange thing is, its fine when I walk past the site. Maybe its all concentrated in my back garden which sits a little lower than the building site.

Chap from buillders came around yesterday to photograph our back garden and others - no clue as to why. Interesting..