Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Plumies days

Since my incident with the snow on the car, i have been doing quite a bit. Been to church and still using the wheelchair, just walking to my car seems to have me huffy puffy. Why do boys alway seem to pinch your wheelchair as soon as you get out of it on to a normal chair? They seem to find it very funny. I think however it is very sad that people who can walk run and jump want to be able to mess around in a wheelchair, i do not think they understand how not fun it is for the person who requires it and that this person would much rather be able to run, jump and walk.

Monday i went to find about some voluntary work, after getting very lost and having to walk a lot further than the distance i was expecting i found the place. I think i will be doing 1 hour a week there. I am really looking forward too it. Next time i wont have to go nearly the distance now i know where it is, but it left me very very tired and i didnt sleep very well as i had done way too much walking.

Tuesday i went to the Stadium to meet up with a pals trainer (pratical activity leisure scheme). We had a good long chat on where my fitness levels werent and where i would like them to be. The lady explained to me why i get so breathless just walking it is all to do with the big muscles at the top of your legs they require a lot of oxygen and when you are not active and have breathing difficulties it can be very difficult to walk. So i now understand finally, i hvae asked many a medical person and they have never been willing to explain. i am happy now i know what it is. i also know breathlessness is a sign asthma worsening but since it hasnt worsened i knew that wasnt the main reason. I am going to be starting aqua med once a week and in time add in other sports. I am quite looking forward to starting some sport as i really miss it.

But i do know i have to be really careful not to over do it other wise i will go backwards and also if asthma is playing up one week i know i will have to be even more careful. Asthma really affects your day to day life, as one day you can be feeling great but you have to take it slow and other days you will be feeling horrid and unable to even get out of bed without being really breathless.

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