Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow Day!!!

Its snowed an awful lot here lol!! Lots of the stuff piled everywhere near me - transport ground to a halt and no buses to my area!! mmmmm! Did sort of snow me into my house but I have managed to push my way through it now lol!

Bonus to all this is that my god daughter wanted me to make a snowman - I have started on this mammoth project - he is a slight snow mound at the moment though lol!!! about 3 feet tall though!

I have to go out in short bursts coming in for regular nebs and cups of coffee - and warming/drying out the gloves :-)

I still have a rather hideous chest infection but it tends to affect me worst during the night and early in the morning!! The rest of the day I have the odd rumblings of something but on the whole its all going OK!!

I today sent a very over due card of thanks to my old GP - this may seem strange but the woman deserves a medal for putting up with me for 8 years lol!!! She was one in a million and I felt she needed to be thanked for all her hard work, time and effort. Its strange how you get used to a certain GP when you have a chronic illness they sometimes do become very easy to talk to and my GP was no different to that - I didn't really find it too difficult talking to her about a variety of issues... My new GP is also great but having only seen her 3 times its still all very very new to me and needless to say its not as easy talking to her yet!!

Anyways Ive had my neb and my coffee and I am stalling as i am not really sure how to make and stick the head on my snowman lol!!! mmmmm!!
I'm off out again - bye guys!!


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