Sunday, 15 February 2009

Plumie - doing well!

Hey, I am doing really well i have stayed in the green section of my asthma plan for two weeks (this is a really good thing). I am starting to use my nebuilser less in the day and am able to replace it with blue inhaler. I never thought i would ever see this day. My asthma is improving, although with brittle asthma, you can be stable for weeks and then suddenly SPLAT! I am hoping that i can get my full strength back so that when i do splat again i wont go as far back as i did in september 08.
I am starting to be able to walk further and stand up for longer periods of time without going dizzy or getting too shaky. God is so amazing! He is helping me to manage my condition and not feel too sad or down about it all. I have nearly finshed a course called Expert Patient Programme, it has really helped me to learn how to live more effictively despite having a quite a few long term conditions. I never really realsied i had more than one till this course.
This week shall be the test as i have been having 2 good weeks and 2 bad weeks, i am hoping i manage 3 good weeks or 4 would be even better! This week i am also going to be travelling quite a lot, going to see an old friend and also some family i am really excited and hopes my asthma holds out i do not fancy seeing any new hospitals. I am also starting aqua med at the local stadium, this is like aqua fit but it is for people who are on rehabilitation so is slower, i would love to with time get back to swimming. The steriods have finally had the cuddly affect on me, i spoke a little too soon that they werent. I have cut out snacks between meals and am trying to avoid as much fattening food as possible and just having lots of fruit and vegtables i will be glad when i am allowed to do more exercise, like walking to shops and doing folk dancing once again, i need to loose the cuddly effect and soon! I do not like it! :(
Things are going quite well for me all in all, i still have to use the wheelchair but as someone kindly pointed out it gives me freedom to be able to do what i enjoy without it i would be still house bound so the wheelchair is worth freedom! :D

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