Friday, 11 December 2009

Foggy weather

Up until now, the autumn and winter hadn't bothered me over much. Foggy weather has come to our part of the country and boy! is it a reminder I have asthma. Store cupboards bare, forced a walk to the shops and back.

I've become used to mouth breathing only, from house, past the building site on the Main Street and to the shops and back. Even with my Buff over mouth and nose, today I found shoulders ached along the front almost as soon as I'd walked up the slight rise to the Main Street. Aching shoulders is something that generally happens when I've done a long walk up, in a rush. This was just a wee short walk!

Waited till sitting down in local cafe before lowering scarf and taking my Symbicort - 2 puffs to settle.

Later on we went to shopping centre and walking across the multi-storey to the shops and back, again I felt the chest tighten and the slightly 'out of breath' feeling start.  I'm guessing its down to this cold air to warm air thing, that always gets me. Plus the foggy weather these last few days. One can almost taste the fog - especially around the building site. I'm crossing fingers that once this building next door is finished sometime next year - supposedly April 2010 - that perhaps my asthma will improve and Peak Flows come up to a normal reading for age, weight and height ie 490 instead of 270s.

This building is a new health centre and so far in its construction, its not doing a lot for us. Dust, muddy pathways and noise from 7 am to 4 pm. Sometimes over the weekend and sometimes later if they're pouring concrete - and for which they do come round and apologise. Good lot, this building firm.

So weather apart, I'm doing ok-ish in my first winter with asthma. So far, so good.

PS today I put up the Christmas tree and decorated house. Present fluttery feeling in chest suggests I've done too much in too short a time. LOL