Thursday, 29 January 2009

KitKat - update...

I have managed over a month out of hospital!! I came out on 21st December and more importantly I am still out! This is the longest that I have managed since this time last year as I spent all but 5 weeks of last year in the hotel NHS!! I can say on reflection its been a very hard 12 months constant chest infections and wheezing, then the fact that it is so disabling that I haven't yet been able to return to work. This then adds stress to the situation which then makes things worse... thus the cycle continues...

I am again fighting off another infection and judging by some others who also contribute to this blog, its a common but hard to get rid of bug that is currently living and partying in my lungs!!! I hope it does go soon... I am trying to get up early at the moment after realising I was getting myself into a destructive cycle of not doing very much! I have also been trying to walk around more - this has been difficult and I am wheezing and out of breath more as a result of it but it needs to be done in order for me to get back to work, I really hope also that remploy help with the work situation!!

As for me I'm slowly getting used to the disabling nature of brittle asthma though I am determined not to let it stop me doing things!!

Bye for now

Plumie - 29/01/2009

I just realised it was pretty much the end of january 2009 where has the time gone? I have done pretty well no admissions so far this month, been out of hospital a month now, a month today in fact! Although i think there has probabley been a few times when i was really close. Asthma is really frightening especially when you are sat waiting for your reliever to kick in and you are wondering if it will this time or if you are going to have to parcel yourself off to the local a and e department.
Today i have been to my expert patients programme course, i am really enjoying it even though i do find it very tiring all the talking and the walking up and down a very long corridor. We were learning about distraction and how to monitor your exercise and how exercise can be just getting up and dressed in a morning. I have also managed to play my flute for 30 seconds today :D
I think i have started with a cold and certainly have a barking productive cough. How are other people doing with there asthma and the many bugs that are around? Are you ready for the big freeze that is apparently on its way? Are your lungs ready? How do other people find monitoring there condition there self? What ways have people found at doing this? I know that when ever you are in doubt about something off to the GP's or a phone call to the respiratory nurse is called for but the day to day management how do people do it?

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

About clare/clarebear

I've had asthma since for as long as I can remember. One of my first memories is of me sitting in my pram and my mum trying to give me my inhaler. I remember going into hosp a few times as a kid with chest infection, exacerbation's and pneumonia. Up until the age of 8 I was only on 2 inhalers and then it all started to get out of hand when I had pneumonia 3 times in 6 months.

From that point the slightest cold set off a severe attack which would land me in hospital for weeks. My medication has escalated over the years. The latest addition being subcut bricanyl. I've been on this around 4 months now and it has helped at night a great deal. I went from needing hourly nebs overnight to being able to sleep for 6 hours! It's not helped much during the day but sleeping that long has not happened in years!

I tried working but had to give up after a few years of constant admissions and reducing mobilty.
I have alot more to add but its bedtime!

About PeakSteve

Unlike pretty much all of the other members of the Asthma UK message board (and certainly all of the contributors to this blog), I don't have asthma. I got involved with Asthma UK through their children's holidays, and now find myself in the position of leader of the West Sussex holiday for teenagers - not a terrifying as it sounds, honest!

After volunteering for my first Asthma UK children's holiday (PEAK holidays as they were called at the time - hence my username), I signed up to Asthma UK's message board. That was in 2004.

By May 2005, after a particularly nasty bout of trolling on the message boards, I was made a moderator - partially down to my Internet security fetish, perhaps. Since then I've been trying my hardest to keep the place in order, a task that's usually very easy thanks to the fantastic group of regular members we have.

Outside of Asthma UK, I fix computers and play keyboards for ballroom and sequence dancing in and around the Midlands region.

I created this blog at the request of a group of members of the Asthma UK message board; it's a place for spleen venting, creative writing, celebrating, moaning... anything goes, and probably will!

About KitKat

I have been asthmatic since I was a baby, but up to being 10 or 11 years old I was very well controlled with just two inhalers. When I started secondary school I was given some tablets to add to my medication regimen. By the time I was 15 I was on the more severe end of the asthma spectrum, frequently having severe attacks and getting very frequent infections. It was during this period I was trying to do my Duke of Edinburgh awards, I had managed my bronze with difficulty, and was struggling with the silver - it was the expedition component that was really really hard work! By the time I reached college I was on steroid tablets more-or-less continually. I did manage to complete my Gold level duke of Edinburgh award with only 1 major attack on day 3 of the 4 day saga!!! After this things did just progressively get worse so that I am now where I am now. I am 26 and have been classed as a brittle asthmatic since I was around 16. I now heavily rely on steroids and nebulisers, inhalers and tablets to get through each day, despite all this I try to lead as normal life as possible and was working full time up until a marothan admission last year which was 11 months out of the year... So now I wait to see if I can keep the job I love!

Despite things at the moment being quite negative, I have met some wonderful friends on the Asthma UK forum since I joined it, they understand me more than some of my close friends from school etc. This is because they understand just how difficult asthma can be sometimes and how restrictive it can be and also understand how it sometimes helps just to chat with someone who truely does understand how and why your feeling the way you feel.

About Olive

I'm Olive, I'm 23 and suffer with Brittle asthma. I take nebulisers, inhalers, pills and all sorts. I have had asthma all my life but 7 years ago things took and interesting turn. I am at University studying Sports Science. I am currently going through a stable period which is allowing me to start playing sport again and more importantly playing football. I play for the city team where I'm at uni. My university time has been up and down. i had to take a year out in the middle due to numerous hospital admissions with asthma. After a lot of frustrations and huffs and puffs my consultant told me I could go back to uni and complete my final year. So Hopefully I will graduate in the summer.

I have met many great people through AUK and hospitals etc due to having asthma and would not change this. There is part of me that is glad to have asthma as I have met some amazing people and done things I wouldn't necessarily have done had I not had asthma. Just now though I am really enjoying life playing sport and aiming to complete my degree.

On the side. i am doing my dissertation for my final year on Respiratory Muscle function in asthmatic athletes and I am really excited to see the results. I am doing research to see if by using a power lung device lung strength will improve and work more effectively resulting in the athletes being able to achieve greater intensities of exercise for longer. Will keep you posted on how it is going!!!!

About Plumie......

I have severe asthma that limits my day to day life. I am unable to work at the moment due to decreased mobility caused by many attacks and infections. I spend a lot of time resting.
I use nebulisers, inhalers and tablets to try and control my asthma. I can be really well one day and within a few hours i can be on my way to hospital with an attack that has come on for no real reason. I cannot walk any distance and rely on my car or wheelchair to get out and about.
I am hoping that in the future i maybe able to get a part time job and sustain it but for now i just need to keep resting and concentrate on building up my strength gradually and slowly.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

About Cookie....

Sooooo how to begin?
I'm 17, a student and apparently brittle asthmatic. I am also in denial :P
I'm studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A level. Yes, I'm insane.
I've had asthma since I was about 5, and have always been an allergicky sort of person. Until I was about 14 my asthma was well controlled, then from there it's all gone a bit mad! The last few years have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but *touch wood* I seem to be getting a bit more in control. As bad as it's seemed at times, I count myself lucky that I don't do hospital admissions, and manage to be fairly active. I've also met some great people through the Asthma UK forums in the last few years.
Right - it's late and it's taken me over 2 hours to write this much! I'll have to write something that makes a bit more sense when I'm more awake. Let's hope more people are along soon!


What's it like to live with asthma?

I don't know. Not directly. I live with an asthmatic - a well-controlled one at that - but I don't have asthma.

The best people to ask about living with asthma is those who live with asthma. Be they sufferers, carers, parents or all of the above - they all have their stories to tell.

This is where you can read them.