Saturday, 14 February 2009

Broken graseby pumps and grumpy lungs

I'm still getting used to being on subcut five months in, so sometimes I forgot I'm attached to something and get up without thinking and bang goes my pump oops. Well after a few months of constantly being dropped my pump started misbehaving, alarming at the slightest knock. I informed my resp nurse while at clinic a few weeks back and she said she would go get me another but I couldn't be bothered waiting around in clinic so said I'd come back another day, doh! big mistake as we know last week it snowed and snowed so going out was not gonna happen!
I then left it another week as it was still going.

Well Sunday afternoon I noticed my syringe was a little to full, and the lungs are getting grumpier as the day went on. Why do these things always happen at weekend grrrr! By early morning I was struggling, pump had given up on me. Hmmmm I know I wouldn't have made it to the hosp to collect new one. I gave up and rang an ambulance were I tried to explain what had happened once at hossie I was quickly sorted out with a new pump and after some b2b nebs and hydrocortisone I was ok!
I was discharged that afternoon (I wanted to go home by 9:30 by con made me stay till evening as sats were low, we compromised as originally he wanted me to stay overnight)
So lungs less grumpy and pump sorted yay!
I know the splat could have been avoided, but we learn by our mistakes!
Looking forward to Thursday as I'm meeting up with a few fellow aukers! Vicky, emz and Becca.

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