Thursday, 29 January 2009

KitKat - update...

I have managed over a month out of hospital!! I came out on 21st December and more importantly I am still out! This is the longest that I have managed since this time last year as I spent all but 5 weeks of last year in the hotel NHS!! I can say on reflection its been a very hard 12 months constant chest infections and wheezing, then the fact that it is so disabling that I haven't yet been able to return to work. This then adds stress to the situation which then makes things worse... thus the cycle continues...

I am again fighting off another infection and judging by some others who also contribute to this blog, its a common but hard to get rid of bug that is currently living and partying in my lungs!!! I hope it does go soon... I am trying to get up early at the moment after realising I was getting myself into a destructive cycle of not doing very much! I have also been trying to walk around more - this has been difficult and I am wheezing and out of breath more as a result of it but it needs to be done in order for me to get back to work, I really hope also that remploy help with the work situation!!

As for me I'm slowly getting used to the disabling nature of brittle asthma though I am determined not to let it stop me doing things!!

Bye for now

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