Saturday, 28 March 2009

~Post by Numbers~

*is a bad blogger and hasn't blogged for far too long!*
Sooooooo... Nothing much has happened in Cookieland so I thought I'd post this instead.

1. The number of nebs I've had in the last week
2. The number of kids i'm babysitting this weekend...
3. The number of weeks til I can legally get drunk!
4. The number of days til I meet a certain AUKer for the 3rd time!
5. The number of hours til Casualty's on...
6.The age I was when I was diagnosed with asthma
7. The number of times my family have come into my room and given me wierd looks for listening to classic CBBC show theme tunes on youtube!!
8. The number of A level modules I sat in January!
9. When added to the next number, the date in April when I will be abseiling off the Forth Rail Bridge for AUK!
10. The number of empty Lucozade bottles I can see from my bed...


rattles said...

oh my god cookie 10 lucasade bottles in your room! Get it tidied misses!! :-) Xx

Cookiecat said...

Hehe!! I think I drink too much Lucozade... I've discovered Strawberry Ribena now though!! I used to drink Vimto by the bucketful!

rattles said...

lol! Are you now drinking this strawberry ribena like its going out of fashion hon? Xx