Thursday, 19 March 2009

Going away!

This weekend i am going away for a musical weekend and hopefully a well earned rest. For some reason today i am even more exhausted than what i have been since my cold. My asthma seems to be behaving although i did have to back to back two nebs last night as the first one did nothing. Thankfully the second one hit the nail on the head so no a and e visit required.
Today i have been to my exercise track walk group and my guitar orchestra but really felt just tired at both of them and quite tearful at one point too. I have a church meeting tonight and i am going to go, but i do rather think it could be pushing ones self, but i go away tomorrow and can rest. i have summond the strength from somewhere to cook this evenings tea urgh, i just want to lie on bed and do nothing.
Holiday tomorrow, hopefully it will be relaxing and uneventful!

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