Wednesday, 18 March 2009

kitkat splat...

My trip to see clarebear didnt quite go to plan! Arrived on wednesday and by thursday evening i was in the icu of her local hospital!

Im still currently a resident of the hospital but i am now on a normal ward and very much on the mend again though there are still little things to resolve like my low oxygen saturations grr! Im getting there and the new tablets are helping a bit! Had a nurse talk sub cut with me but ive never been keen on this idea! Even when it was discussed several years ago - guess its just a fear of people asking questions about it and having to explain! Not sure but will have a good old think about it and discuss it with my consultant when i get back home! Also got a few friends on sub cut who i can inquire about it with and get more info on it all to ease any concerns i have!

Till then im hoping to get myself better and out of hospital and then treat clarebear to a nice meal somewhere as she has just been the most wonderful friend i could ever wish for! She even arranged for me to meet wheezy footy chick too yesterday! We had a take away and sat chatting for a few hours-it was lovely despite being stuck in hospital!

Anyways the work tribunal thing is still going ahead as far as i am aware the appeal is in place currently so will be expecting to hear about that soon!

Despite the weeks events not going to plan and being rather wierd at times ive met clarebear and wheezy footy chick and spent time with two very lovely people who i do share something in common with! - they understand me where some of my close friends ive known all my life will never do!

Asthma is wierd! Its difficult and can be a pain in the rear to live with and can really restrict you at times but, through having brittle asthma ive come to know some amazing people who i would never have met without having asthma!

A wierd mixture of blessing and curse i suppose :-)

Anyways i will post again once i am free!
Lv kitkat Xxx


wheezy footie chick said...

was greating meeting you too chick. i am now in the clutches of my mother so wont be able to travel about quite as much now. take care xxx

rattles said...

hi there you!

Glad you got back home safely! Enjoy that fussing
it'll do ya some good honey!!

I know what you mean about your mum not letting you travel round much now-ox mum is the exact same even now with me lol! :-)

Anyways hon take it easy and enjoy the creature comforts of home and all that TLC!!

Speak soon
lotsa lv kitkat Xxxx