Thursday, 5 March 2009

Plumie - update

I have been well for four weeks. It has been great as i have been able to build up my strength and start walking to the post box and other little distances. I have also started going to Aqua Med it has been great.
Unfortunately I am now in the middle of a blip, my peak flow has dropped significantly. I have a hacking chesty productive cough. I have been told to put my steriods up to 20mg. I am breathless just sat still. It is very annoying as i was doing so well.
I was just about ready to leave the wheelchair behind and begin walking more but now i cannot do this i will need to use it if i want to maintain my freedom and be able to get out of the house.
Just doing household tasks is hard work once again. This is very annoying as i had got so well.

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