Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Plumie - life less

Not a clue what is happening with my asthma or the reflux i just know i am drained and have no energy left to do anything. I am so glad i have nothing i have to have to do today i can just relax and potter around the house as and when i feel like it.
I have a list a mile long that needs doing but it all can wait. I have been listening to classic fm most of the morning, it is great company and keeps you in with what is happening in the world.
My new mobility car is going well, i have not quite got used to driving it yet it is much more responsive than my other car so i whiz off or slow down a lot quicker than i expect it is quite funny.
My chest seems to be permanently tight and i continuly coughing waiting for my resp nurse to ring me with what my consultant wants me to do. I definately wont be doing anything energetic so they wont have to worry about that. I am refluxing everything food, drink and medication, the lot!
I am a tad fedup with it, i enjoyed my few weeks break from it and would like another break now from it all. It is really a good job i do not work as i would be no use at the moment even if i managed to get there i would not be that productive as i am so physically tired and drained.

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