Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I survived my holiday, it was very tiring. I think this is the problem with going somewhere different. You cannot judge how far things are going to be. For example when i arrived at the guiding house (waddow hall) the walk from the car park to the house had my head spinning and i was coughing lots. This in itself made me very tired. So more trips to the car to unpack had me quite worn out and then to discover it was lots of stairs more than a house flight up to my room. By the time i got to my room i had to have a sleep as i was exhausted not a great start to what i hoped would be a restful holiday.
The rest of the holiday continued in much the same way. An hour and half of singing and i was coughing and had a tight chest. More walking around the house to get to food and other things i would need. Back up the stairs. I get to bed and could not sleep because my chest was really bad. This due to all the physcial activity i had been doing. The saturday followed in much the same suit accept i did 8 hours of singing in total and a lot more walking. Yet another night of coughing followed. Did not get much sleep. Sunday carried on as the day before, i was almost too breathless to eat, just from the amount of walking that was required. By the time i got home sunday evening i was completely exhausted. That night i slept 14 hours waking a few times coughing.
Despite the weekend tiring me out i had a fantastic time being around people and talking to loads of different people, they were all interested in my french knitting. I also purchased some more badges to sew on to my camp blanket. I learnt lots of new songs and got better at playing my guitar. Thankfully this week is quite quiet so i can have a rest, a well needed one!

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