Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wow been a while since anyone posted. People must be busy and hopefully chests behaving. I have been busyish.
A few weekends back I got the chance to go out to the Forth Rail Bridge to watch a friend off AUK do an abseil. It was awesome. i would never be brave enough to do that. It was about 165 ft. I also got the chance to meet one of the people who do fundraising organisation and stuff for AUK and she has given me the chance to become more involved. I am going to be helping at a bucket collection at the train station wearing a lime green wig and t shirt for the AUK campaign putting asthm in the limelight. World Asthma day is on tuesday and then on wednesday Im going to the Scottish Parliament for the Cross Party Meeting. I am getting the chance to meet on of the asthma nurse specialists at the meeting too.
I have also sent in all my application forms for going back to uni. I am hoping to go back in September to Napier in Edinburgh to do nursing. I really want to get in so am keeping everything crossed. Hopefully I will hear soon.
Chest wise things have been pretty good lately. Had a slight chest infection but a increase in pred and some antibiotics sorted it out. I have stopped all sport except golf now and chest seems ot be liking it. I keep getting thoughts of what im missing as I still love some sport but I know i am healthier for it.
Off for some golf practice now.

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