Monday, 13 April 2009

upsy daisy

My peak flow appears to be dropping it has been going down over the last couple of days. I feel well though which is quite odd. I think it could be because i have done a little too much and need to rest.......... This i do not want to do at the moment i want to keep going but i must not push myself too hard, i know what the consequences are if i do. It would mean a stint in hospital. Not a place i want to go. My reflux is also playing up, i am back to see my consultant on friday and he shall be told that reflux is not getting better, it is up and down like a yo yo and it needs sorting once and for all as i am fed up of it! I would just like to not have a burning sensation my chest area and not be burping continuously. It is very disgusting. I am very tired and thinking of getting an early night. Hopefully i might sleep better than last night. I woke up with reflux once and asthma once.

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