Monday, 4 May 2009

Amazing Day Out!

On may day bank holiday i decided that i would go with my friends for an outing to the seaside. I got myself all organised and well equipted with my nebuliser, nebules, pain killers, wheelchair and other disablity accessories (disabled key and badge).
Told my passengers that i would be stopping for a neb break on route to keep my lungs in there normal routine.
Arrived at Bridlington couldnt find the disabled bays so parked in an ordinary parking space, I have not done that for so long, the spaces are so small it was quite amusing really, went to find out how much it was to park and discovered i could still use my disabled badge :D so it was free!
Got the wheelchair out, interesting in a normal parking space, went out to find my other friends who had arrived before us due to me needing to stop for neb break.
We must have looked an amusing sight, i was in my wheelchair and one of my friends who was pushing was wearing her inline skates. We had a great laugh!
Over all it was a great day out, as i had planned ahead we did not have any problems and all went smoothly and i was able to keep up with my friends.
Living with asthma you can live a normal life just by planning a little in advance and having people who do not mind pushing you around in a wheelchair or walking slowly with you.
I am now considering however purchasing a scooter so i can get a little more independance as i know there would have been no way i could have walked from the north beach to the south beach i definitely needed the wheelchair.
Just to encourage other asthmatics, plan ahead and you can have fun even with Brittle asthma!

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Mo 8) said...

Liked that image of the wheelchair pusher and her in-line skates. xx