Thursday, 16 April 2009

It all takes time

My mum used to say 'It all takes time.' when I was young and impatient for something. I'd guess getting the meds right and the asthma under control is something the same.

I have this invisible elephant that sometimes comes and sits on me during the night. Well, that's what it feels like when I awaken yet again at 4am.

My DH says he didn't know he'd signed for damaged goods and could he still take me back for a refund. Ha ha.

Reminding self that asthma diagnosed 4th Feb of this year and that it will indeed take time to see if the meds given Clenyl Modulite 200 x one puff, twice a day plus Ventolin if required is the right one for me. I've always kept a journal so checking back over last months, I can see how immediately how far I've come in this short while.

My cough gone completely and a lot less breathless after exertion.

Today I had a lovely walk with my granddaughter and son in law. The weather was chilly with a cold wind but I could hold a conversation without coughing my head off or continually clearing my throat. Bliss. True, we did walk at the wee one's pace rather than her dad's long gait, but still a joy to do it and not be breathless at all.

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