Friday, 17 April 2009

3 Years on

My consultant said this morning my asthma and reflux is finally stablised, it has only taken us 3 years to bring it undercontrol, to find medication it responds too. Now the key is to keep it all undercontrol, adjusting medication according to how it needs. He has lowered my prednislone this morning to 2.5mg to see if i can gradually work off it and only use it for flare ups but it is only a months trial so if it goes haywire it can be put back up to 5mg.
I am to stay on nebulisers four times a day permentanly as my asthma is better controlled this way.

Over all i am quite please with how things are going as i am able to walk a little more distance at a very slow pace, i can do most things for myself finally. Providing i can park close to shops i can do my own shopping very slowly. I am looking at getting in to part time work with help from the job centre. This is taking time but it moving in the correct direction.

I know i will have up and down times when my asthma or reflux flares up but these i will cope with as they come i am just thankful for reaching some stablisation.

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