Thursday, 29 January 2009

Plumie - 29/01/2009

I just realised it was pretty much the end of january 2009 where has the time gone? I have done pretty well no admissions so far this month, been out of hospital a month now, a month today in fact! Although i think there has probabley been a few times when i was really close. Asthma is really frightening especially when you are sat waiting for your reliever to kick in and you are wondering if it will this time or if you are going to have to parcel yourself off to the local a and e department.
Today i have been to my expert patients programme course, i am really enjoying it even though i do find it very tiring all the talking and the walking up and down a very long corridor. We were learning about distraction and how to monitor your exercise and how exercise can be just getting up and dressed in a morning. I have also managed to play my flute for 30 seconds today :D
I think i have started with a cold and certainly have a barking productive cough. How are other people doing with there asthma and the many bugs that are around? Are you ready for the big freeze that is apparently on its way? Are your lungs ready? How do other people find monitoring there condition there self? What ways have people found at doing this? I know that when ever you are in doubt about something off to the GP's or a phone call to the respiratory nurse is called for but the day to day management how do people do it?

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