Wednesday, 28 January 2009

About PeakSteve

Unlike pretty much all of the other members of the Asthma UK message board (and certainly all of the contributors to this blog), I don't have asthma. I got involved with Asthma UK through their children's holidays, and now find myself in the position of leader of the West Sussex holiday for teenagers - not a terrifying as it sounds, honest!

After volunteering for my first Asthma UK children's holiday (PEAK holidays as they were called at the time - hence my username), I signed up to Asthma UK's message board. That was in 2004.

By May 2005, after a particularly nasty bout of trolling on the message boards, I was made a moderator - partially down to my Internet security fetish, perhaps. Since then I've been trying my hardest to keep the place in order, a task that's usually very easy thanks to the fantastic group of regular members we have.

Outside of Asthma UK, I fix computers and play keyboards for ballroom and sequence dancing in and around the Midlands region.

I created this blog at the request of a group of members of the Asthma UK message board; it's a place for spleen venting, creative writing, celebrating, moaning... anything goes, and probably will!

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