Wednesday, 28 January 2009

About Olive

I'm Olive, I'm 23 and suffer with Brittle asthma. I take nebulisers, inhalers, pills and all sorts. I have had asthma all my life but 7 years ago things took and interesting turn. I am at University studying Sports Science. I am currently going through a stable period which is allowing me to start playing sport again and more importantly playing football. I play for the city team where I'm at uni. My university time has been up and down. i had to take a year out in the middle due to numerous hospital admissions with asthma. After a lot of frustrations and huffs and puffs my consultant told me I could go back to uni and complete my final year. So Hopefully I will graduate in the summer.

I have met many great people through AUK and hospitals etc due to having asthma and would not change this. There is part of me that is glad to have asthma as I have met some amazing people and done things I wouldn't necessarily have done had I not had asthma. Just now though I am really enjoying life playing sport and aiming to complete my degree.

On the side. i am doing my dissertation for my final year on Respiratory Muscle function in asthmatic athletes and I am really excited to see the results. I am doing research to see if by using a power lung device lung strength will improve and work more effectively resulting in the athletes being able to achieve greater intensities of exercise for longer. Will keep you posted on how it is going!!!!

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Dr Cath said...

Hi Olive, I'm interested to hear about what you're researching (for not-so-obscure reasons!). Would be great to hear of your findings.