Saturday, 9 May 2009

World Asthma Day - London/Birmingham!

Well! As Olive was saying, last week was World Asthma Day! Me and Emzieness spent a good portion of our day campaigning for Asthma UK! We left Leicester at about 7.15 to travel to Birmingham, to speak at a conference for P.E Teachers and School Nurses about our experiences with both. The Day was run by the George Coller Memorial Fund. This is a charity set up by a mum after her young boy died of asthma. There was about 20 Asthma Nurses there, and a consultant spoke aswell. It was a fantastic morning, and I learned a lot.

That evening we headed off to London to the Parliamentary reception at the Houses of Commons. It was great. There was a lot of MP's there, and a few people got up and spoke, including a 19 year old who had managed to get his asthma controlled due to the help of a fantastic asthma nurse. He highlighted that having asthma hasn't stopped him from doing anything that he wants to since he was able to get it under control. We spoke to a lot of MP's, and tried to get them to start taking more notice of asthma, and not brushing it under the table as "not serious".

Asthma control is very important. Thanks to having my asthma controlled I've been able to go SCUBA diving, do a Sky jump off the Sky tower in New Zealand, go Skiing and Travel the world for 3 months. Having asthma is not something that should stop you from doing many activities, and I know in some cases it is hard to get control of your asthma, but hopefully with the help of Asthma UK, more drugs will be funded and found!

Anyway, On the Wednesday myself and Clarebear went to London Zoo, It was a fantastic day out, even though we were both wrecked by the end of the day!

So what did everyone else get up to for LimeLight?

Here's some pictures! The first is the official one from Birmingham, and the second is one of mine from London!

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