Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Asthma in the Limelight- Scotland

To kick off asthma in the limelight and all the fundraising associated with it I went to Waverley Train Station with a women who works with AUK and some other volunteers to do a bucket collection for AUK. We were equipped with our buckets, stickers, lime green AUK t shirts and to top it all off a lime green curly wig!!! It was a great day a little cold at times but all in a good cause.

While collecting I had some interesting comments. Alot of people wanted to buy my wig and pffering alot of money for it but sadly I had to recline the offer (I grew attached to it after a while). Other people comment that asthma wasnt real and some people said they werent going to gove to an asthma charity cause it wasnt a worthwhile cause but if it was for cancer they would ahve donated. This really hit me hard at how people feel about asthma. The stats are horrific for asthma and yet people still dont aknowledge it along with other very serious diseases. In Scotland we didnt do anythign major for World Asthma Day because today Wednesday we have a Cross Party Group meeting in the Scottish Parliament whihc I am going to later today but I need to find my smart clothes first!!!!

Hope everyone else had a good day and week. Off to parliament.

Below is a photo of me ready for a day of collecting!!!!


Mo 8) said...

Until I was diagnosed with Asthma, I thought it was a childhood thing and maybe you grew out of it.

Now I know better.

Sharon said...


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