Thursday, 24 September 2009

What is it with September?

I had a bad asthma attack on Tuesday night, resulting in an ambulance and a visit to my local A and E department. I get discharged later that night but I have not been great ever since. I have today been put on 30mg Prednislone for 7 days and i had done so well :( I had been off it for 5 months the last time in years and now i am back on it again! Boo!
I am getting breathless when walking around and i am really not feeling very well at all. I am nebs glore and lots of contact with Resp nurse.
I feel like i have gone back 100 steps as i am not even wanting to go out or do anything.
Every year Septemeber gets me, there must be something either in air or in pressure that changes to get me.

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