Monday, 14 September 2009

Wooo no ones 8logged in a long tme

My keyboard is misbehaving so if i miss out letters and use numbers instead you know why lol!
I have not 8logged on here for a while, so asthma wise things have 8een a 8it hmmm could 8e 8etter 8ut on the other hand, great cause I have not 8een in hosp for over 7 months, that a world record for me and su8cut has a huge part to play in this :)
A few months ago I did something silly and got a dog, well I have always 8een allergic to furry things ut I kinda hoped he wouldn't effect me too much, I was ok at first. As the weeks have go on I've struggled more and more and got that allergicky feeling. Whats strange though is that it wasn't immediate reaction ut has come on gradually, so ok, the hives did appear at first only a few and I ignored them then the eyes and chest started to get in on the act. I cant get rid of him! hes a rescue dog and what hes 8een through so far well its rather cruel and upsets me to think about it :(.
Sooo what to do, no idea!

Anyhoo nearly ended up eing admitted a few weeks ack, an increase in sucut helped a little. My consultant does not know abut little pip hes a 8it overprotective of me and goes on a rant if I mention any kind of furry animal to him, so ooopsy!
Had hosp last week and they were pleased lung func had gone 8ack up a 8it so let me off for now. Theres talk of starting on Methotrxate again which I'm kind of apprehensive about as the side effects can 8e quite nasty. I think its worth a try just to try and get my steroids down to a more resonale level. Lowest dose I have got down to over the last year is 50mg :s 10mg decrease in something I suppose.
So I have a few weeks to think aout the methotrexate.

In other news, I hate DLA forms! Any kind of form really lol! I have een getting DLA since the age of 6 so that's 19 years you would think they would give me a 8reak from filling in forms and get the message I'm not someone who's just after money and genuinely need it unlike some of the benefits cheats, wow I have 8een watching something called saints and scroungers on 88c1 and some of the stories on there are just shocking!

Anyway rant over.


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