Monday, 20 July 2009

Hi Folks, Back again after a good holiday around the very far left hand corner of Scotland. Happy to report all my usual shortness of breath disappeared. I hardly needed the Ventolin at all compared with at home. Only really needed when single track road making a swift altitude change upwards and then some while later, on the downward slope - had me been hiccuping for a good ten minutes followed by the asthma cough.

Stayed at the caravan site in Poolewe. Poolewe Hotel - drinks are priced on the high side. G&T and a coke - £6.50. The views more than make up for it, though.

Spent two days going around the National trust for Scotland's Inverewe Gardens at Poolewe.

The original owner, Osgood Mackenzie, set out to make a garden of a rocky windswept peninsula in the 1860s.

They'd to carry in the soil in barrows - I will never grumble about the size of my postage stamp garden again. One puff here and there for the pollen and moist air.

Went to Ullapool next. I'd have preferred the campsite out of town but catching the early ferry meant staying at the town site. Still, it looks good in this evening shot around 8 pm. We could see the ferry coming up the loch.

Took three puffs of my preventer in the morning before any big events like going on the ferry from Ullapool to Stornaway and pleased to report that I was one of the few passengers unaffected by the ferry which took on the attributes of a fairground waltzer as it headed across the Minch.

Bus tour around Lewis and Harris.
Stopped off at Dun Carloway Broch which still has enough of it left over the centuries to show the twin walled construction. Made my way slowly letting fit people overtake me, to the top of the path. Even summoned up the courage to go through its tiny door. I can't get down on my knees due one thing and another. Really must see about that one day. So, crouching as far down as I could, made it inside. Breathed deeply before making the re-emerge again. Didn't feel too bad as others didn't even attempt entering.


Spent several days at Durness. First here in 1983 and again in 1987. Hasn't changed much.
But the Craft Village at Balnakiel seems a bit more commercialised with their website addresses. No wee crafty bits and bobs to bring back as a souvenir. Bit disappointed with that. I still have the small wood picture from 1983 and my daughter her hand-made jigsaw. Nothing like that here nowadays. Sad. Once known as an outpost of hipppiedom, the original hippes have either upped sticks or become more conventional.

Meanwhile Durness is largely unchanged. The hotel next the campsite - Sango Sands Oasis - has had an extension added. Food and drink are still good and prices similar to most places at home.

One additon to Durness is a John Lennon Memorial Garden. He would holiday here with his family, staying with and aunt and uncle. The main part of the garden has standing stones with the words from In My Life inscribed.

Back at the campsite, this was the view from our caravan window.

With husband at hand, I even got myself down on the beach at Durness. At the bottom of a high sandy cliff, there are no real paths. Being a scaredy cat, I've put off going down such places since leg break 2001 (slipped on a much smaller hill - wet grass at side of a hospital carpark. Ha ha.)

Coming back
Driving back, just coming up to the outskirts of Lanarkshire, I started getting hayfever symptoms of itchy eyes and clogged throat. Perhaps I'm allergic to Scotland's Central Belt. Bagsy a move to the far north!

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