Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Dust and dirt

At long last, the buiding work has started on our new all singing, all dancing Health Centre. Progressing on site behind our garden fence, looking good so far. Lorries lined up cheek to jowl like on the Herbie films when the baddie wants to knock a little old ladies house down.

So far all they seem to have done is move earth from front to back of the site.

And that's where the problem lies for me. Earthy dust gives me tight chest and feeling I cannot swallow. Came across this trigger, when out in the garden over the summer watching my husband sweep up the dust on the paving slabs.

I'm keeping windows shut and sitting in front part of house whenever possible. Strange thing is, its fine when I walk past the site. Maybe its all concentrated in my back garden which sits a little lower than the building site.

Chap from buillders came around yesterday to photograph our back garden and others - no clue as to why. Interesting..

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