Friday, 26 June 2009

Hot and Humid weather

I have recently discovered a new trigger for my asthma. When the weather is hot and humid this seems to set my asthma off, my peakflow drops and i need more of my reliever but as soon as it cools down or rains it all goes back to what it was before.
It is very annoying as i had just got most of my strength back and now on hot and humid days it feels like i have gone back quite a few steps. I get out of breath so quickly.
I am not sure what i can do to avoid this trigger but at least i am now aware of it.

One achievement is i have now been off steriods for 6 whole weeks!

Next week i am due to start a work trial to see if i can manage working with my asthma i am hoping that this will go well and that with time i will be able to manage a 16 hour a week job. I will keep you updated on on how it goes and i have everything crossed that it all will go well!

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