Thursday, 11 June 2009

Stress and Asthma

Wow no one has posted anything recenlty.

Overall recenlty my asthma has been really well behaved but recently I have been very stressed and noticed my control has got a lot worse. Before when I was goign through a really bad faze asthma control wise Dr emntioned stress to me but I never felt stressed but I now think I probably was stressed that I couldnt conrtol my asthma and then it was a vicious cycle.

I know jsut now I can pinpoint what has caused me to be stressed and it coincides with my lapse in control. It has not effected me too much in the day time but the night is causing some really problems. I am up at all hours. The more this is happening the more worked up I am getting that it is the start of another bad patch and Im goign to end up going back into hospital.

It seems ot be a real viscious circle jsut now. I got stressed then my asthma got bad and now i am getting stressed because my asthma has been getting worse.

For me the main worry is not that my asthma is getting bad but the impact that has. I play alot of golf and being shakey from ventolin is driving me mad as putting when shaky leads to some very interesting putts and this could ruin some scores.

I start work soon so hopfully this will all blow over and I will be too preoccupied with work to eb abelt o be stressed!!!

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Mo 8) said...

Even without the help of Ventolin, my golf strokes were shaky.

First(and only time)ever on a golf course, a friend was heard to mutter "I knew you couldn't play golf. I just didn't realise how badly you couldn't play golf."