Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Splat whilst on holiday..

So my record attempt at staying out of hospital came to an end whilst on holiday in scotland.
Its that time of year when everyones coughing and sneezing and usually around september I get a cold which leads to an inevitale hosp stay. I didnt get one so kinda hoped I'd avoided it but nope 2 days in to my holiday I come down with one.
I have had 2 this year that have not gone to my chest (much.) now we know this is down to the subcut keeping lungs happy. So I was kinda hoping the same thing would happen. It didnt stop me quietly worrying that I was gonna have an attack but you cant say, yep think im gonna splat in a few days, people would think I was mad!
It hit me hard though and within two days I was in ITU in a strange hospital struggling lots and trying to avoid being ventilated, I came very close eeek.
I was in itu for 5 days as I was having issues with being hypoxic, now this is new for me as usually on the right 02 my blood gases settle within 24 hours. Nope on 15l my gases were still not good. They put me on a machine called a vapotherm, heated and humidified 02 via special nasal prongs! 25l on that and nope still not good add in another 10ls via mask, wow thats alot of 02! So this continued for a few days and I had a CT scan to check for a PE. All clear apart from infection, I just needed a bit of time methinks as after 6 days things started to settle and from then on thanks to 100mg of pred, iv antibiotics and all the other usual ivs I picked up quite quick. After 12 days I home, and a few days later after a 7 and a half hour car journey I'm home home.

So now I'm nearly back to my normal kinda. Have just started an open uni course which I'm loving so thats keeping me busy.

Clarebear :)

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