Saturday, 24 October 2009

First winter

This is my first winter with asthma and I'm wondering what to expect. On the whole, this diagnosis of asthma has made little difference to my day to day living. Just occasionally will catch me out on a long uphill walk or if someone is brushing the dust from paving slabs in the garden. Cough cough. 

Last two nights, I've been unable to sleep with an odd feeling. Not tight chested like an elephants been sitting there, but more a light feeling like a butterfly has landed and beat its wings. Maybe its just me. Anyway last night despite trying all the counting and rhyming games that usually make me drop off again - it just wasn't happening. 

Downstairs for thimble of milk (how come when you want a glass of milk, there's just enough left in the carton for breakfast), couple of Pringles, three grapes - sour(!) - memo to self stop buying 'basic range' fruit in supermarket, desultory reading of book. Looked around room...i-Pod on table. How silly. How could I forget that's what I tell everyone else to do when they can't sleep?

Back upstairs, earphones in place. Wild Theme from Local Hero on repeat and next thing I knew it was 9.30 with building site over the fence in full flow.

But its a funny thing this having asthma at first. You don't know whether to blame for sleepless nights or not. Funny butterfly trembly feelings or not. Previous to the diagnosis, yes, I've had both. So is it just me, normal, or just that I may have had asthma before but only now have it confirmed.